Illuminous Slots

Illuminous Slots

The Quickspin arcade-themed online slots game features a blend of classic symbols and top-notch graphics. Illuminous is another simple slot that delivers endless winning opportunities through its fast-paced, simple rulesets with frequent bonuses for those who play their card right! The transparent reel set enables you to enjoy a futuristic background while it glows bright lights all around, as well as shiny animations during your turns at betting/spinning prizes onto the screen – this makes watching every single ball fall into place special, too, because there aren’t any static images like what we’re used in land-based casinos anymore.

Extra Bonus Features

The real action begins when you trigger two or more bonus wilds on the reels. This will reward players with massive winning opportunities through numerous spins, as both cases treat them to Hot Reels respins and free games!

Basic Guidelines to Play

illuminous is a five reel, 20 paylines video slot that can be played on all devices from 40p per spin up to $100 maximum. The number of active pays lines are fixed, but you’re able to modify your bet size using the total win command button found at the bottom right corner during gameplay, where it will show how much money has been positioned as well as what kind of symbol would result in winning combinations if they were lined together properly. The higher valued tokens in these gambling games often lead players into greater scandals because while some may only need one costly acquisition episode before becoming rich again – others might require numerous doubles.

When you’re done with your bet settings, hit play at the bottom right and watch as spinning reels take shape before your eyes. The total number of wins will automatically update on the top left side!

With autoplay mode, you can avoid interruptions while playing your favourite game. This option will maintain the current settings for as long of time that is chosen in this setting- which makes it easy to return if needed!

Quickspin’s new game, Illuminous, is now available for all! Watch this video to get started.

The video’s owner, Michael Rubens, goes by the stage name “Rubba Dub.” He states that he has been making music on YouTube since 2008 and also broadcasts himself playing live now and then when inspiration strikes or if there is anything worth watching via Twitch TV’s broadcasting system!

Play Illuminous and Win

The first batch of reel symbols follows a familiar classic theme. These are low-value playing card icons that range from 9 to Ace and will occur more often on your reels to compensate for their lacklustre payouts!

These next batch of symbols will yield plenty of coins. They include beautiful and shiny gemstones in blue, yellow-green or pink colours that give you 200 for landing five similar cards, respectively! The bright red diamond-shaped rock pays out 500 when picked up – it’s worth a quick grab if your player decides to take this path, but be careful because there could also end up being another low-valued symbol like an arrow instead…

Extra Bonus Features

The symbol of the wild, which substitutes for all other symbols on a reel to create winning combinations.

Bonus Wild Scatter

The ‘W’ wild symbol is an extension of the word “bonus,” with bonus engraved on it. When two appear in one spin, Hot Reel Respin triggers and you’re awarded extra respins during which reels get turned into hot ones that award more bonuses if they have anything landing on them – even though this may sound like bad news. For players who want their prizes now! But there’s always time before another meal or date night because when three scatters happen simultaneously (starting from any spot), each matching reel becomes active again, giving everyone chances at new rewards.

You’re in for a treat with the Hot Reel! This feature will give you 5 free spins and plenty of wilds. The more reels that have three or more, the better your chances are at triggering an extra respin during this round We don’t want any cheap gambling here; it’s all about celebrating good fortune through playtime.

1) Illuminous has a great selection of slots which you can play for free. 2) This game’s graphics and sound effects make it fun! 3)You can bet real money without any risk because they take up all your stakes if something goes wrong 4) so, what are you waiting for? Get playing now while there is still time before January 31st rolls around.

  • Multiple potentially rewarding wilds in the free spins round.
  • Two types of wilds leading to higher chances of winning
  • An ambient futuristic slot offering immersive gameplay


If you’re looking for a slot with an authentic, vintage feel that packs in plenty of action and offers rewarding potential, look no further than Illuminous. The Hot Reel Respin feature, combined with the free spins round, makes this game immersive and gives players great odds of landing major payouts! With its futuristic music video graphics, it adds to what’s already here – if your nostalgic vibe isn’t enough by itself, I don’t know what could be?